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Use our air purifiers designed to remove cigar and cigarette smoke. Why wait for Christmas to buy your loved ones what they need. Give them one of our smokeless ashtrays and keep the air clean. Our unique ionic smokeless ashtrays are the envy of the competition. We accept the four major credit cards , PayPal & Checks or Money Order.
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One-Bottle 1/2 Window White Tiger Wine Bag

54x32mm Inline Skate Wheel

8" Commercial Grade Melamine Windproof Ashtray

Six-Bottle Burgundy Wine Bag

Three-Bottle Green-Natural Wine Bag

5" Commercial Grade Round Melamine Windproof Ashtray


SKU: 11002N
One-Bottle Natural Wine Bag
One-Bottle Natural Wine Bag

One-Bottle Wine Bag - This durable, beautiful, natural single bottle wine bag is made from jute in natural color for the sides and cream color for front & back. This bag is poly lined for water proofing. Bent natural cane handles.

This bag is also available in two-bottle and six-bottle styles as shown below. Please review in Multi-Bottle Wine Bag area.

SKU: Sienna2
Sienna2 Marble Box
Sienna2 Marble Box

Elegant round marble Cigarette Box in rich brown shades giving an overall petrified wood-grain effect. Polished finish. Rounded edges with grooves for easy handling. Makes a great gift for any smoker Looks great in any room. 4.50" x 2.75".


SKU: tal486
Standard Pyramid Ashtray with Bas-Reliefs Tal486
Standard Pyramid Ashtray with Bas-Reliefs Tal486

Hieroglyphic figures cover these well designed and quality built pyramid shaped ashtrays. Available in large and smaller versions use these as, hidden ashtrays, decorative pieces, to store jewelry or precious stones or to store memories.

Available in two sizes standard and large. This standard size is available in two designs.

SKU: SKU16140
76mm Inline Lighted Skate Wheel
76mm Inline Lighted Skate Wheel

The very best lighted wheels money can buy. Available in different colors & sizes. Click Buy button below and choose your desired color or colors by clicking on "EDIT OPTION" on the next page.


Biozone Room Air Purifier PR05
Biozone Room Air Purifier PR05

Biozone PR05 Room Air Purifier
Ideal for spaces up to 500 square feet. This is an advanced air purifying device that produces dramatic improvement in indoor air quality for your home by removing cigarette & cigars smoke. Biozone units are nearly silent and are maintenance free. Covered by a 1 year warranty and money back guarantee.

This is the new and updated version of BZ500 with added features such as programmability, remote control and a lamp life monitor. Biozone Air Purifiers are the best way to remove smoke, fight odor, mold, air contaminants, indoor pollution and virus. Biozone PR05 takes the same size UV Replacement Lamp as the old Biozone 500.

Physical size of units BZ_PR05, BZ_PR10, and BZ_PR20 are the same, the negative ion generator engine inside is different.
Size: 10" X 10.5" X 4"

Physical size of units BZ_PR05, BZ_PR10, and BZ_PR20 are the same, the negative ion generator engine inside is different.
Size: 10" X 10.5" X 4"

SKU: 5rndn
5" Commercial Grade Round Melamine Windproof Ashtray
5" Commercial Grade Round Melamine Windproof Ashtray

This unique commercial grade windproof ashtray hides ash & cigarette butts inside & keeps tables clean & ash free, especially in a breezy outdoor setting. Specially designed holes make extinguishing of cigarettes easy. The easy-clean melamine makes it heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Sun resistant colors go well with outdoor pool and patio furniture.

Available colors are: Black, White, Navy, Sky Blue, Green, Red. Select color by editing "Edit Option" at checkout (please note this ashtray in black is $9.95).


SKU: SKU162141
Card Lock Security Lock
Card Lock Security Lock

Tough spring steel cable lock with individually coded card key release mechanism is easy to use. Secure gym lockers, gates, luggage at airports. With vandalism on the rise even in the suburbs, it now makes sense to secure your possessions with a minimal cost. Secure fishing, golf, ski, boat, bike, gun and other sports equipment.

Available cable lengths are 12" & 23". Available colors are black, white, blue, green and red. Select cable length and color by editing "Edit Option" at checkout.

SKU: SKU161872
Steel Pocket Ashtray
Steel Pocket Ashtray

Keep your community clean with these long lasting Pocket Ashtray. Ideal for pocket or purse. Encourages responsible disposal of cigarette litter. Steel construction lasts for years of use. Lid snaps closed to keep butts safely inside. Has cigarette holder. Buy them in bulk for giveaways.

Available colors are Black, White, Green, Red, Blue, & Yellow. Select color by editing "Edit Option" at checkout. Diameter 2.5" X 0.75" thick Flip top lid


Virtual Forest Inside Negative Ion Generator
Virtual Forest Inside Negative Ion Generator

Truly the most sophisticated air purifying, positive ion fighting machine ever made in such a compact and well designed unit. This USB device is made specifically for those who are in front of monitors all day. The closer you are to the monitor the worst the concentration of positive ions. Use this VFI to freshen your air.

Perfect for computer users.

Market price: $75.00
save 52%
SKU: P305
Jute Pouch 3"x5"
Jute Pouch 3"x5"

Made of 100% natural fiber, these come with a double knotted white cotton cord at the top of pouch. These jute pouches are rectangular shape, and therefore have no gusset. They are available in two sizes. Due to their eco- friendly natural fibers, they are down to earth and friendly. Very usefull for presents or fill them with gifts.

Jute is a versatile natural fiber extracted from the bark of the jute plant. Vast harvests can be made from relatively small crops due to the jute plant's incredible growth rates. Plants can grow up to 10 feet in five months resulting in a crop yield of anywhere from 1500 to 2600 pounds per acre. This bidegradable and environmentally friendly fiber has been used for hundreds of years for its natural beauty, high durabillty, and tensile strength.


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